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Honeywell RTH7500D

Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

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List of Specifications:

  • 7  Day programming and 4 periods per day
  • Accurate to +/- 1°F
  • Temporary hold
  • Smart response
  • Filter warning and battery warning
  • Auto change-over
  • Can cycle fan
  • Large backlit display
  • Real time display that automatically takes account of daylight saving
  • Settings kept even after a power outage
  • No batteries required (can be hardwired to run off HVAC power)
  • Armchair programming
  • Energy Star approved
  • 1 year warranty
  • Price about $49 (use the link above to check the latest price on Amazon)


  • Central air, heating only, cooling only, heat pumps with auxiliary, gas
  • up to 2 stage heating and up to 2 stage cooling


The Honeywell Conventional 7 Day Programmable Thermostat is a great value device. It is made by trusty worthy brand of Honeywell and it is Energy Star approved. This thermostat is very simple to install and easy to program. As with all Honeywell programmable thermostats it uses an intuitive menu driven style of programming that quickly lets you input the 4 settings for each day of the week. And to help you check your settings quickly at night the display is backlit.

The Honeywell RTH7500D has smart response or adaptive intelligent recovery that keeps track of how long it takes to heat or cool a room and then uses this information to continually refine pre-heating/pre-cooling. Thus, at the start of a programmed period the room temperature is just as you set it. This stops you having to guess when to start the morning program so you wake up to a comfortable house. This feature also makes further energy savings because it stops you being tempted to override and ‘turn up’ the HVAC so the house gets comfortable quickly.

Another useful function on the Honeywell RTH7500D is auto-change-over. This function detects when the temperature changes and switches automatically between heating and cooling (or vice versa).

The Honeywell RTH7500D is an all-round excellent programmable thermostat which is compatible with most 24 volt HVAC systems that has plenty of features to help you save money and to add comfort to your home.


Honeywell International doesn’t use swing control on their thermostats. Instead the Honeywell RTH7500D regulates the number of cycles per hour. For some people this new approach works fine, for others swing control is preferred. This is an on-going debate that is dealt with elsewhere on this site.

Unlike the more powerful Honeywell RTH8500D 7 Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat (and more expensive) the Honeywell RTH7500D doesn’t have a vacation mode. If you go away for a short period you could make up for this deficiency by setting the HVAC to tick over on the temporary hold or you can re-program for the days you are away.

Amazon Reviews

There are currently 68 customer reviews by people who bought the Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7 Day Programmable Thermostat. 42 reviewers give the thermostat the maximum 5 stars only 2 people give the device just a single star.

General comments make mention of how easy it was to install the thermostat, but a few people noted that the programming could be better and that you need to read the manual carefully to figure out how to set some functions such as the filter change.Also one or two people noted that if you press a button to activate the backlight then you also activate a setting change which needs to be cancelled. Nobody commented about the lack of a vacation mode.

One reviewer made positive comments about how well the technical support dealt with a problem during installation.

Keynote Quote:

“I’m not a home improvement guru by any means. I was able to install this myself with no difficulty. It works great and the energy savings are noticeable. I like this product and recommend it.”

– Scott Stoddard

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