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Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro 8000

Honeywell VisionPro 8000

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List of Specifications

  • 4 periods per day and 1 program for each day of the week
  • Dehumidification control
  • Smart response
  • Temporary hold
  • Programmable fan settings
  • Auto change-over
  • Battery warning and filter warning
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Menu-driven programming
  • Vacation mode
  • Battery warning and filter warning
  • Accurate to +/- 1°F
  • Real time clock that makes allowances for daylight saving
  • Keeps programmed settings even after a power outage
  • 5 year warranty
  • Price: Honeywell TH8321U1006 VisionPRO Universal Programmable Thermostat $155


  • 3 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling.
  • Air-con, gas, hot water, heat pump with auxiliary, millivolt system
  • Honeywell recommend that the Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro be installed by a professional electrician

The Honeywell TH8321U1006 VisionPRO Universal Programmable Thermostat is a great value Honeywell thermostat that takes has all the best aspects of the Honeywell RTH8500D and also includes humidity control for the home.

Review of the Honeywell TH321 VisionPro 8000 Programmable Thermostat

There is a large backlit touchscreen display that shows current temperature, set point temperature, humidity in the room, fan status as well as battery and filter status. As with the Honeywell RTH8500D the Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro has an easy to understand programming interface that uses menus to make setting up the 4 periods for each of the week straight forward work. A nice feature of the Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro is the ability to remove the unit from the wall and program, from the comfort of an armchair.

And as with all Honeywell thermostats in the TH range it holds the room temperature within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the programmed set point.

The thermostat uses adaptive intelligent recovery to make sure the set point is reached at the start of a programmed period. As discussed elsewhere on this function makes sure the house is always the ideal temperature when you wake up in the morning or return from work. It takes the guess work out of programming and helps to make the home more energy efficient.

If you live in a climatic zone where the humidity levels can become very high then the Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro’s ability to control humidity will be of particular interest to you. It does this through dropping the temperature using the air-con. It can be an added chore to have to check humidity levels all the time and make manual alterations to dehumidifiers. This thermostat allows you to bring all the aspects of climate control together with 1 device that can be pre-programmed. The Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro lets you set up what humidity level you desire and the device will automatically regulate the indoor humidity levels for you. Controlling humidity in a home not only brings extra comfort to the occupants of a home but also protects flooring and furniture made from such natural materials as hardwood, bamboo and coconut that can warp and bend with too much or water vapor in the air.

The Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro also has a temporary hold to let you suspend temperature settings if you decide to take a day off work or stay up late. There is also a vacation mode that lets you set the thermostat on a timer so the house is comfortable for when you return from your holiday.

As would be expected on a thermostat of this caliber it warns you when the filters need changing and also when the battery is running low. It also warns you when the humidifier pad needs changing. As with the Honeywell RTH7500D and the Honeywell RTH8500D the programmed settings are automatically adjusted to account for changes due to day light saving. The thermostat also maintains programmed settings even after a power failure.

Finally, the Honeywell TH8321 also includes a keyboard lockout. This feature is not found on any of the other Honeywell TH models (it is included in the top of the range Honeywell Prestige HD thermostat).


There really are few drawbacks to the Honeywell TH8321 VisionPro 8000. It has a great range of functions and also includes the ability to regulate humidity in the home. The fact that the device has to be installed by a HVAC professional makes the overall expense higher. This is balanced by a better warranty of 5 years (most Honeywell thermostats only have a warranty of 1 year).

It should be remembered that the Honeywell TH8321 thermostat can only remove humidity from the air by using the air conditioner unit. Thus it this function is only of value in hot and humid climates not in cold and dry climates. For complete humidity control it is necessary to buy the Honeywell Prestige HD. Only the Prestige HD can actually regulate separate dehumidifier devices.

One possible drawback of this thermostat along with all Honeywell thermostats is a lack of swing control. This is the price paid for the promise made of keeping the room within 1 degree of the set point temperature. This issue is dealt with at length elsewhere on this site. Some people find the Honeywell alternative to swing control suitable and others complain that it leads to short cycling of the furnace.

Amazon Reviews

There are 12 reviews of the Honeywell TH8321U1006 VisionPRO Universal Programmable Thermostat With Armchair Programming. 5 of these are 5 star reviews and 2 are the minimum 1 star. Some reviewers point out that it is possible to do a self-installation. This might affect the warranty status. Another point to mention is that one person notes that the external sensor set up affects the thermostat and that it was necessary to remove the backup battery on the circuit board as well as the AAA batteries.

Some reviews mention the need to buy an outdoor sensor to go with the unit.

One person mentioned that the random fan circulation mode was very useful in making sure the temperature was even throughout the home.

Another reviewer complained about a clicking noise when the thermostat turned on the air-con, fan or auxiliary heat.

One reviewer complained that the cycles per hour function didn’t work properly. This is again part of the swing control vs span control debate.

Keynote quote:

“In contrast to others, I have found this to be an excellent thermostat. It was easy to install myself and has a lot of great features. It automatically adjusts for high humidity by using the air conditioning system. It drops the set temperature lower to bring the humidity more in line with the level set by the user.”

Bob Barker

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