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Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Thermostat

Honeywell Prestige HD and Outdoor Sensor and Comfort Station

Click Here to Find the Best Price for the Honeywell Prestige HD

Click Here to Find the Best Price for Honeywell Prestige HD with Outdoor Sensor & Comfort Station

List of Specifications:

  • RedLINK™ Wi-fi
  • Can display outdoor temperature and humidity via an Outdoor Sensor
  • Can wirelessly connect with portable Comfort Station to give the ultimate ‘armchair programming  experience’
  • High Definition digital touchscreen display with adjustable backlight
  • Can control dehumidifiers and humidifiers for total indoor climate control
  • 7 Day Programming with 4 periods of heating/cooling per day
  • Smart Response technology
  • Auto Change-over
  • Accurate to +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • Easiest programming of any thermostat
  • Choice of 3 languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Programming wizard
  • USB port
  • 3 fan settings
  • Multiple holds and vacation mode
  • Multiple warnings for filters and humidity pads and light
  • Keyboard lockout
  • Energy Star approved
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustments and settings kept after power outage
  • Powered by battery or HVAC power
  • 5 year warranty
  • Price for just Honeywell Prestige HD is $228. For the Prestige HD and outdoor sensor $283, and for Honeywell Prestige HD with Outdoor Sensor and Comfort Station $393  (click the links above to check  the price on


  • 2 stage heating / 2 stage cooling; and heat pumps with 2 stage cooling and 3 stage heating


Honeywell is one of the most trusted brands for programmable thermostats. They have been making control technology for the home and the aviation industry for more than 100 years. Honeywell makes a number of thermostats that range in price from just $22 to over $500. This post will look at the Honeywell Prestige HD – one of their top of the range devices.

A lot of attention has obviously been paid to designing this digital programmable thermostat. The goal was obviously to make a powerful device that can control every aspect of indoor climate control while at the same time being user friendly. This is a difficult balance to strike as often the more sophisticated a device becomes the harder it is to control.

The Honeywell Prestige HD can be bought as a stand-alone thermostat or in a comfort kit that includes a wireless Outdoor Sensor and a Comfort Station. Buying the Deluxe Comfort System Kit that includes all three is not much more expensive than just buying the Honeywell Prestige HD.

This thermostat has redLINK enabled wi-fi capability. It uses this wireless technology to connect with the Outdoor Sensor to find out the temperature and humidity outdoors. It uses this information to suggest the best settings for temperature and humidity indoors.

Furthermore, the wi-fi connection is used by the portable touchscreen device called the Comfort Station. It allows the user to change the settings of up to 16 Honeywell Prestige HD thermostats around the house. This brings tremendous power to the armchair. You can turn down the temperature in parts of the house that are unoccupied and start warming/cooling parts of the house soon to be occupied.

The other great function on the Honeywell Prestige HD is that it can control humidity devices that are either hardwired to the HVAC or that have redLINK wi-fi. This thermostat  controls not only the temperature in a home but also the humidity. This adds greatly to the comfort of a home and helps to protect hardwood furniture and flooring.

With all this sophistication, Honeywell have worked hard to make the Honeywell Prestige HD easy to use. According to consumer testing the device scored 9.5 out of 10 for ease of use.

This is partly because the touchscreen features a programming wizard that asks questions to the user with simple, easy to understand options. From the answers the device sets up the 7 daily programs. Another great feature is a USB port that makes it easy to download/upload program settings from one Honeywell Prestige HD to another. It also allows dealers to store their contact details on the thermostat after installation so you can quickly contact someone if something goes wrong.

The display itself uses high definition color graphics that makes the thermostat stand apart from other thermostats. The display is sharper and the adjustable backlight makes it very easy to read in any light conditions. Moreover, the user can choose from 3 languages: English, French or Spanish.

There are 3 fan settings and quiet unusually for a Honeywell thermostat, a keyboard lockout function.

And of course there is smart response, auto change-over and a range of warnings including warning about when to change the pads on humidity control devices. There is also a range of holds that cover just about any contingency.

There really is very little that is missing from this thermostat, other than swing control. As discussed in other posts, Honeywell favors a system of limiting cycles per hour rather than setting up a range around the set point. This works fine for houses with good insulation and for places where the extremes  of hot and cold are not experienced.


Other than swing control, it is hard to see how this thermostat can be improved. It has nearly every imaginable function. The only thing that could be added is an internet connection so you could program it from your laptop or telephone.

The only real drawback is the price. Although, using the Honeywell Prestige HD will save you money, many people will be put off by the price tag of $350 for the Honeywell YTHX9321R5003 Comfort System Kit.

Another possible disadvantage of the Honeywell Prestige HD is that Honeywell advises that you get a HVAC specialist to install it. This obviously greatly increases the overall cost. However, there are many people who manage self-installation. YouTube has a number of how-to videos on this subject. Programmable Thermostat Reviews is not condoning ignoring manufacture recommendations.

Amazon Reviews

The most purchased Honeywell thermostat on Amazon is it cheapest device, the Honeywell RTH221B. This device, one of its most expensive, obviously has had comparatively few sales. Only 6 people have reviewed the Comfort System Kit. None have reviewed just the Honeywell Prestige HD (Honeywell THX9321R5000). Regarding the 6 reviews, 4 are five star, 1 four star and 1 three star. Thus, reviews are all favorable.

Comments made include how well the set point temperature is kept with short bursts of heating/cooling and how handy the Outdoor Sensor and Comfort Station are.

One reviewer goes into details about how to do your own installation. Another warns that the Outdoor Sensor must be protected from the wet or it will malfunction. The same reviewer made this very astute observation:

“1st and foremost this t-stat has to work off the transformer on the board in the system; you cannot use this t-stat with a battery… That means running new t-stat wire that has 5 or more colored wires in the actual wire.”

It is not, therefore, a surprise that Honeywell recommends against self-installation.

Keynote Quote:

“The Honeywell Prestige HD is a wonderfully-designed thermostat. The thermostat is wonderful and extremely easy to program. The touch screen is bright, responsive, and extremely user-friendly.”

Aok3210, Colorado Springs

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