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Hunter 44360

Hunter Fan Company 44360

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List of Specifications:

  • 7 day programming with 4 periods per day
  • Auto Recovery (adaptive intelligent control)
  • Energy Star approved
  • Mercury free Indiglo digital display
  • Temporary hold
  • Vacation mode
  • Span Setting
  • Energy usage monitor
  • Easy adjustments for daylight saving
  • 2 stage battery change warning
  • Front battery access
  • Filter change warning
  • Accurate to +/- 1° F
  • Read out in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Price: just under $40


  • Air-con, heating only, cooling only, 2 wire hot water, 24 volt millivolt systems, gas and single stage heat pumps
  • Single stage heating and single stage cooling

Review of Hunter Fan Company 7 Day Energy Star Programmable Thermostat

The Hunter 44360 is a 7 day digital programmable thermostat that is Energy Star compliant. It is a thermostat that offers good value for its price tag of $40.

The thermostat has a program for each day of the week to set up and within each day there are 4 periods to define. The Hunter 44360 is compatible with single stage heating and cooling systems including heat pumps, air-con units and furnaces.

The digital display on the Hunter 44360 has an Indiglo backlight that stays on for 5 seconds after any button is pushed. The Hunter 44360 can display temperatures between 32 degrees and 99 degrees. Beneath the digital display is the control panel. The controls are hidden behind a flap to stop people accidentally touching the thermostat and changing the controls.

The controls for the thermostat are easy to understand. There are also instructions on the door of the protective cover to guide the user in programming.

Besides 7 day programming the Hunter 44360 offers temporary hold to pause programs if the user wants to change his or her schedule the one time or the weather becomes unseasonably hot or cold. There is also a vacation mode to suspend programs for longer periods when inhabitants of a home go on holiday.

There is also an auto recovery function that uses PID technology to make sure the set point temperature is always reached at the start of a programmed period. This is invaluable for home comfort and prevents people coming home to an uncomfortable house and turning the heating/cooling up high in the mistaken belief that they will reach a the right temperature quicker.

To help the user make real time assessments about energy consumption there is an energy usage monitor. This is a great way to see how decisions about set point temperatures affect bills and help to tutor owners about how to maximize the savings that can be made using a programmable thermostat.

Many programmable thermostats have a swing control function that allows the user to define how many degrees from the set point the room temperature can rise and fall between the thermostat activates the heating or cooling. The Hunter 44360 ‘Set and Save’ (as it is also called) rather than having swing control uses a span control. This is similar to Honeywell thermostats. Rather the Hunter 44360 comes on when the room temperature falls or rises 1 degree Fahrenheit past the set point. It is possible to increase or decrease the span in order to stop short cycling. The span is the amount of time the furnace or air-con runs. This is a system that under temperate conditions can work fine. Also having control of the span is better than no control at all.

Another feature of the thermostat is a 2 stage battery warning light and a daylight savings key that helps the user to make seasonal adjustments in the set point times. There is also a filter change warning.

The Hunter 44360 dimensions are 5 inches by 6 inches by 1 1/4 inches. It comes with a limited 1 year warranty.


There are a few functions missing from the Hunter Fan Company 44360 7 Day Programmable Thermostat. There is no keyboard lock out to stop unauthorized access to the settings or auto change-over to switch between heating and cooling automatically. More importantly there is no swing control. As mentioned above swing control is replaced by a span setting function that lets the user increase or reduce the time length of each ‘blast’ to keep the room at a steady temperature. As with the Honeywell alternative to swing control it is a controversial topic as to which system is best for holding room temperature and avoiding short cycling.

Another downside of the Hunter 44360 is that it is reliant on batteries – it can’t be hardwired to run off the HVAC power. Another negative is that it is limited in compatibility to single stage heating and cooling.

Amazon Reviews

61 people have reviewed the Hunter Fan Company 44360 7 Day Energy Star Programmable Thermostat. Of those 61 reviews 31 were 5 stars and 6 were 1 star.

One mixed review mentioned that the Hunter 44360 was reading 3 degrees under the real temperature. He still gave the thermostat a 5 star rating because Amazon sent out a replacement the next day and that worked fine.

Some reviews of the Hunter 44360 mention a clicking noise every time the thermostat turns the furnace on and off.

There are many comments about the energy usage monitor that quickly show the user how long the thermostat has been running that day and previous days. Being able to check length of heating/cooling times helps to improve energy efficiency in the home and reduce bills.

Several comments mention how easy the installation and programming of the Hunter 44360 is.

Finally, there are a few negative comments about the front plate falling off or not clicking shut properly. Another criticism by some is that the batteries need changing too often.

Keynote Quote:

“I love this thermostat, and recommended it…It’s much lower-priced compared to other competitors like Honeywell, and has a nice, simple interface. The blue backlight is gorgeous as well ..I HIGHLY recommend it!”


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