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Lux Products BBHP2110-008 Smart Temp Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat

Lux Products HP2110 Smart Temp for Heat Pumps

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List of Specifications:

  • 5-1-1 Programming with 4 periods per program slot
  • Swing Control
  • Temporary hold
  • Vacation mode
  • Program lock
  • Digital display with backlight
  • Lux Products patented speed dial
  • Default Energy Star settings
  • 1 year warranty
  • Price about $57 from Amazon (click the link above to check the price on


  • Heat Pumps only – up to 2 stages of heating and 1 stage of cooling


The Lux Products BBHP2110-008 Smart Temp Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat is device designed for controlling heat pumps made by the reputable brand, Lux Products. It costs about $56. If you rely on a heat pump for your heating and cooling then this is a thermostat you should look at more closely.

The Lux Products BBHP2110 Smart Temp is compatible with up to 2 stages of heating and 1 stage of cooling. It cannot be hardwired to run off the heat pump power, but the unit has a long battery life so this is not a great inconvenience.

The advantage of having a thermostat that is designed for heat pumps only is that it allows you to make the most of your 2 stages of heating so you are running the heat pump at its most energy efficient.

Reviews by people who bought this thermostat testify that it is easy to install. It also has the Lux Products patented speed dial for quick programming. There is a large backlit display so you can clearly see what you are doing.

The Lux Products BBHP2110 is a 5-1-1 thermostat. This means it has a program slot for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday. If you have a regular weekday schedule but like to do different things at the weekend then a 5-1-1 device is probably suitable for you.

For each of the 3 program slots there are 4 different periods of heating/cooling to set up. This is standard for all good programmable thermostats as it makes sure you can fit the indoor climate control with your schedule so as to prevent heating/cooling an empty house and wasting money.

To further help you the Lux Products BBHP2110 comes pre-set with Energy Star recommended settings that you can use as a basis for your own programming. This makes finding a compromise between comfort and energy saving easier.

The heat pump thermostat also has a number of useful functions. It has swing control to stop you damaging your heat pump with frequent short cycling. There is also a handy temporary override and vacation mode.

The display includes a filter usage monitor and battery level warning to make sure you are neither late changing the filters nor caught short by drained batteries. The display can also be adjusted to show the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and the time in either 12 or 24 hour styles.


This thermostat is designed specifically for controlling heat pumps so the fact it cannot manage central air, hot water etc. seems irrelevant.

In terms of functions the Lux Products BBHP2110 has nearly everything that is needed. Perhaps the only notable function missing is auto change-over. This is a ‘perhaps’ because there is a school of thought that considers this function as mostly unnecessary since the temperature difference between inside and out naturally decreases/increases the indoor temperature if the HVAC ‘overshoots the mark’. For example, if it cold outside and you have the set point to 78 degrees inside and the heating pushes the indoor temperature up to 80 degrees inside then by turning off the heating the cold outside will soon cause the indoor temperature to fall by 2 degrees to the set point temperature.

Finally, there is the disadvantage of having to rely on battery power. This disadvantage is somewhat mitigated by reviews that state it is not a thermostat that quickly drains the power from batteries.

Amazon Reviews

There have been 18 customers who bought the Lux BBHP2110 from and wrote reviews. Of these 18, 12 gave the heat pump thermostat 5 stars and only 1 person gave the device a single star.

Most reviews mention that the Lux BBHP2110 Smart Temp was easy to install and that it does a good job of controlling heat pumps.

One reviewer mentioned how useful it was that the swing control could be adjusted. Another noted that you must have new batteries to hand as you only have 1 minute after taking out the old batteries to replace them with new ones before your program settings are lost.

Several people write about how well the thermostat holds the right temperature and how useful the default settings are to help you program the device so you maximize your energy efficiency and savings on your heating and cooling bills.

The most dissatisfied customer spoke of how his unit was faulty and the tardiness of the Lux Products support to help. In the end he appealed to who immediately shipped out a new unit and the problem was solved.

Keynote Quote:

“Very good product at a good price. The installation was quick and quite simple. I did not know if this thermostat would work with my brand new two stage heat pump but it functions perfectly. The programming steps are straightforward and very user friendly. I highly recommend this product for those that want to upgrade their heat pump thermostat.”

– Daryl L. Anderson

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