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Lux Products TX9000TS

buy Lux Products TX9000TS Touchscreen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

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List of Specifications:

  • 7 Day programming and 4 periods per day
  • Touchscreen programming
  • Mercury free one touch blue backlight
  • Auto change-over
  • Smart recovery (adaptive intelligent recovery)
  • Swing control (up to 2.5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments)
  • Temporary override
  • Power monitor to measure electricity costs
  • Audio confirmation
  • Keyboard lockout (over 10,000 combinations)
  • Battery change warning
  • Filter warning
  • Can cycle fan
  • Energy Star approved
  • Display in Fahrenheit or Celsius / 12 hour or 24 hour
  • 1 year warranty
  • Price $70 (use the link above to check the latest price on Amazon)


  • Central air, heating only, cooling only, single stage heat pumps, 2 wire hydronics, gas
  • 1 stage heating and 1 stage cooling


The Lux Products TX9000TS Touchscreen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat is a powerful device at a most reasonable price. It features 7 day programming with 4 periods of heating/cooling per day to set up. It also has several other useful functions to help the user increase home comfort and maximize the savings that can be made from properly regulating indoor climate.

The Lux Products TX9000TS has a large electroluminescent touchscreen display that has blue backlight and is mercury free. Programming in your settings is hassle free as is installation of the thermostat to your HVAC system.

There is a smart recovery function that learns how long it takes to pre-heat or pre-cool a room prior to the beginning of a programmed period. This function relieves the user of having to guess how early to set the thermostat in the morning before the first person wakes up. It also means that when the homeowner gets back from work the house is always comfortable. Smart recovery also prevents the user from being tempted to turn up the heating or cooling because he or she has come home to house that is too hot/cold.

The Lux Products TX9000TS has a seasonal auto change-over function that detects the changing of the seasons and automatically adjusts between heating and cooling to keep room temperature exactly as set.

Other features found on this programmable thermostat include filter change warning, battery change warning and swing control. The swing control can be adjusted so that the user has control of how many degrees the temperature is allowed to rise or fall before the thermostat cycles the HVAC systems. This is a useful function to protect the air-con, furnace etc. from short cycling too often. Short cycling leads to HVAC equipment prematurely wearing out.

Two useful functions found on this Lux Products thermostat that are not found on many other thermostats is keyboard lockout to protect your settings from unauthorized people altering the settings on the thermostat. There are over 10,000 keyboard combinations to choose from. The other function not commonly found on the Lux Products TX9000TS Touchscreen 7 Day Programmable Thermostat is audible touch confirmation so you know your alterations have been registered.


One drawback from the Lux Products TX9000TS is that it is only compatible with single stage heating and single stage cooling. Also it can only regulate heat pumps without auxiliary or emergency heat.

The only function of note that is missing is a vacation mode.

Another downside is that the unit cannot be run from the mains power.

Amazon Reviews

181 people have bought the Lux Products TX9000TS and commented on Amazon about their purchase. The thermostat receives 117 five star reviews and 9 one star reviews.

Reviewers found it easy to install the thermostat and liked the large backlit touchscreen. One reviewer commented about the ease of starting the backlight (unlike the Honeywell RTH7600D and RTH7500D starting the backlight didn’t involve initiating a program change that then needed to be cancelled).

Another reviewer noted the usefulness of the power monitor to allow you to keep track on how much electricity your settings are costing you.

Regards programming some users thought the controls could be simplified but most people said that it didn’t take long to get used to the programming style. To balance the criticism about programming, several  people noted how useful the ‘copy’ function was that let you quickly transfer the settings from 1 day to the next.

One negative comment was about the fan. The Lux Products TX9000TS cycles the fan when the heating/cooling is on and you can turn the fan on via the thermostat but you can’t put the fan on a separate timer.

Keynote Quote:

“Considering all the features of the TX9000TS, I think Lux offers this product at a very reasonable price. I have found that similar touchscreen thermostats from other companies cost much more. ”

– Elizabeth

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